Brand new Tilda bunny

There are not many handmade things more cute than a Tilda bunny…I love making them and I am so very happy when people ask me to do them so they can please another person with this cute little creature. This time pinky dinky gingham Tilda rabbit for a little baby girl.

Handmade Christmas decorations

Here are my latest handmade Christmas decorations for this year. So far I have made  Tilda cat, crochet snowflakes and some very simple plush motifs decorated with beads. The “recipe” for this Tilda cat can be found here.

Królik Tilda – tutorial

Poniżej podaję mój sposób jak uszyć królika Tilda. Wybierz materiał, z którego chcesz uszyć królika. Złóż materiał na pół i ułóż wycięte z  papieru “części” królika. Przypnij szpilkami żeby zapobiec przesuwaniu sie części w czasie szycia.Zszyj złożony materiał.Wytnij pojedyncze części i  przewróć na prawą stronę.Wypchaj pojedyncze częśći i zeszyj razem. Do wypchania możesz użyć syntetycznego […]

Craft for a good cause

On the 10th of December WeekendBase took part in a Christmas coffee morning for charity. Apart from the general collection there was a craft table with many different hand crafted items on sale. Tilda bunnies, cats, crochet snowflakes, elephants, jewellery, door stoppers, aprons, scarves and many many more. 15% of the craft sales was donated […]

Winter Tilda bunny

It is winter time and the bunnies deserve some adequate clothing. The layer of keratin, which mohair is mostly composed of will keep warm even really demanding bunnies. The yarn used for this mini scarf is not 100% mohair but it has a good deal of it. Happy winter season!

Tilda Cat

Sep. 30, 2010 1 Comment Tilda

Tilda Cat

Another Tilda adventure. This time made on a special order – Cat. I made some changes to the original pattern from the Crafting Tilda’s Friends book, and instead of cutting out two pieces for each arm and two pieces for the tail, I folded the fabric in a half making things more simple.Stuffing is the […]

Tilda Rabbit / Królik Tildowy

He belongs to J. His name is D. (but he is also known as George) and his bib pants are made of D’s old shirt. He is made 100% in Ireland and it is written using Pelikan Fabric Paint according to J’s request.He is lovely indeed..

Tilda Rabbits Couple

I was asked to specify that bunnies were made 100% in Ireland, so I painted using the Pelikan Fabric Paint “100%  Irish” description on their clothing. .

Tilda Angel / Anioł Tildowy

This time Angel “Prestige”…which will make a birthday present real soon. First the basics, two legs and two arms. I like to have things neat and perfect, therefore always try to machine-sew things together. By hiding hair and arms inside the sewing pattern it is possible to avoid hand-sewing these parts. Here is my idea […]

Tilda Angel / Anioł Tildowy

Here is my fishing tilda angel. It is going to be a gift for a very passionate fisherman. Oto mój tildowy anioł-rybak. Wkrótce zostanie sprezentowany zapalonemu rybakowi. Ecco il mio angelo-pescatore. Equipment is necessary…. …and wind in the hair… .