Brand new Tilda bunny

There are not many handmade things more cute than a Tilda bunny…I love making them and I am so very happy when people ask me to do them so they can please another person with this cute little creature. This time pinky dinky gingham Tilda rabbit for a little baby girl.

Handmade Christmas decorations

Here are my latest handmade Christmas decorations for this year. So far I have made  Tilda cat, crochet snowflakes and some very simple plush motifs decorated with beads. The “recipe” for this Tilda cat can be found here.


Mar. 11, 2011 2 Comments Sewing


I love cushions and  pillows. I love to have them sitting all around. I love to lie down on them, rest my back, I love to look at them. I guess I could consider myself a pillow maniac.

Cushion cover with elephant

For my beautiful and adorable niece. Front of the pillow is made of linen. The elepahant is made of soft polar fleece with red felt heart application:Back is rather flower power easy access – no buttons, no zip – pocket style opening:

Craft for a good cause

On the 10th of December WeekendBase took part in a Christmas coffee morning for charity. Apart from the general collection there was a craft table with many different hand crafted items on sale. Tilda bunnies, cats, crochet snowflakes, elephants, jewellery, door stoppers, aprons, scarves and many many more. 15% of the craft sales was donated […]

Organdy Curtains / Firanki z Organzy / Tende Organza

Last year’s work. Summer house, very light sheer organdy curtains.  A little “nightmarish” to sew but as it turned out, even the extra trip to the shop to get the ballpoint needle was worth the hassle. Details… …and the final effect After the morning storm.

Tilda Angel / Anioł Tildowy

Here is my fishing tilda angel. It is going to be a gift for a very passionate fisherman. Oto mój tildowy anioł-rybak. Wkrótce zostanie sprezentowany zapalonemu rybakowi. Ecco il mio angelo-pescatore. Equipment is necessary…. …and wind in the hair… .

Tilda Rabbit Recipe / Królik Tildowy

Choose a fabric you like to use and fold it in two, hiding the right side of the fabric inside. Draw a sketch of the rabbit with a vanishing pen or pin the shape pattern to the fabric. Sew, following the lines (or the pattern shape). Make sure to leave a hole to stuff it […]

Hob Cover / Pokrowiec / Copertina

My friend’s cat has a special affection towards the hob top, especially when it is uncovered. She used to protect it with two kitchen towels, but she wanted a single cover for it instead. So I made one for her, using a fabric which I bought in IKEA– I thought the bird pattern was appropriate, […]

Yet another marine theme pillow / Poduszka z morskim akcentem / Cuscino da mare

Yet another marine theme pillow. All you need is two fabrics matching your theme. In my project only parts of one of the fabrics matched the idea – little anchors. You will have to prepare the pillow cover in the same way as it is explained in one of my previous posts (How to make […]