More knitted booties and hats

Some of these hats and booties are making their way to the NICU and some will keep warm tiny feet of those little ones who are already cosy at home. Booties are made according to patterns found in Twenty to Make – Knitted Baby Bootees and Mary Jane’s are from the “Purls of Wisdom: The […]

Knitted hats and booties for baby girls and baby girls

Both sets were knitted with premature babies in mind.There is really nothing more enjoyable than knitting these little outfits! Patterns for white hats can be found in the Early Arrivals No. 3 by Sirdar. Hat on the left is a Design A – with pattern running throughout the body of the hat, while hat of […]

Pull through neck warmer

It is still cold in here!!!! Never in my life I thought that I will wear this in May! Any comments with words of compassion and encouragement?…mostly compassion needed!

Easter, Easter, Easter!

Some knitting and some crochet…my lifetime pleasures (beside cycling, swimming and G.) To celebrate G’s new bicycle (racing bike Kona Zing) we named the bunnies Kona and Zing :) Here they are!

Knitting Baby Bootiees

Some knitted baby booties that I love! In cream: Love these buttons: In pink: Love these buttons too…

Long time no see…

…and the reasons are few: I moved the house Went on a fabulous trip across Europe I learned to knit! I used to suffer from not being able to knit disease. Crochet seemed easier and faster. But knitting was always ringing at the back of my head. Therefore I decided to give it a try […]