I love animals, all sorts, especially dogs, but I do not have a great relationship with cats. What can I do? I simply fall into “I prefer dogs” category. The fact I discovered that my beloved┬ávegetable┬ábeds have been used lately as a cat toilet didn’t help in improving my “cattitude”. I was not only totally disgusted but hugely concerned about the diseases cat faeces can carry (toxoplasmosis being the one commonly known). After researching the Internet for possible solutions, I have been trying coffee grinds, orange/lemon peel, black pepper but none of them seemed to be permanent and wasn’t 100% cat-proof.

Then one day the idea of creating beds’ covers came into my head. I wanted something that would allow open air, easy watering and space for growth. I went to the local garden centre in search of anything that would tick all my boxes. And I found it! Net, plastic net that is often used for fencing!!! It is flexible so I could shape it and tuck it in between the bed frame and soil. It allows open air with natural light and rain/watering. It finally allows for growth (just look at the rhubarb!).

How to cat-proof vegetable bed
I am so happy to see my vegetables and herbs being safe! It was simply heart breaking finding tiny seedlings dug out and left in an utter havoc. Now they can grow and thrive in peace!
Cat-proof vegetable bed
Also in the winter I will be able to use the structure to cover the bed with plastic and grow hardy and cold resistant veg! And how great is that!!!
Cat-proof vegetable bed

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  1. 5 May 2020 at 3:16 pm #

    I would love to try this

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