For number of years together with my husband we have been members of the gym/swimming pool health club. Due to other commitments and thinking that we do not have enough time in a day, we decided to cancel our quite expensive memberships.

After a year and a half, struggling with the ongoing back problems and fitness level not up to my standard I made the decision of going back to the club. The membership fee was initially the issue and a serious vote against 1 year contract commitment. Then my husband brought up the matter of not having enough time to attend every day or often enough to justify the cost.

Today we made the final decision (I pushed it a little) of joining in again. The moment I put my foot in the water, I knew this is the best spent €75/month. I can live without the restaurant, morning doughnuts and coffees and rigorously bring my own lunch to work every day in exchange for this one hour (or more) of relaxation, getting fit and investment in feeling good.

And to argue the matter of having or not having time to go to the gym/swimming pool, I said:

It is not the matter of having or not having time. It is the matter of finding time! (to do things that make you feel good)

Should I join the gym*picture of my bike as per general “exercise is good for you” :)

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