I believe that handmade baby blanket is a great way to welcome a new baby and it makes a warm and wonderful gift. There are endless patterns available online but for my project I used the one published in “Christening Sets for Him & Her” by American School of Needlework. American School of Needlework in <i>Christening Sets for Him & Her</i>Christening Sets for Him & HerSince I started, few of my friends told me that they still keep their children’s blankets as a memento of “baby days”. I decided to crochet my first blanket for beautiful baby Pearl who was born just before Christmas and who I hope will keep nice and warm under it. Considering soft and warm yarn that is used for baby sets, crocheting this blanky was truly enjoyable.

Crochet hook number 5, plus approx. 350g Superball Baby DK from KING COLE and here are the results.Baby blanket crochetBaby blanket crochetLittle extra for little Pearl…little booties, well one only for the time being. Second bootee is on the way and coming soon.Baby bootee crochetBaby bootee crochetAnd ready to go…4B’s: blanket, bunny, booties and the box.Crochet baby bootiesCrochet baby bootiesBaby hamper crochetBaby hamperAnd here is Pearl – so cute! Congratulations Antoinette and Peter!Baby bootees
Pearl was so kind to present how robust and durable Tilda toys can be. Well done Pearl!

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    Chciałam napisać komplement w obcym języku i chyba mi nie wyszło;)

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    For exquisite. Execute will crack

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    Śliczne!! Może dostaną się mojej Małgosi;) Baner zamieszczam na blogu. Chętnie przygarnę opis (schemat) do wykonania takich bucików. Pozdrawiam

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    Ja baaardzo chętnie wezmę udział :)
    Zaraz też zamieszczę info na moim blogu

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    they are very very nice….nonna Mea is very happy if she see it. bravissima

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