Tilda Cat

Sep. 30, 2010 1 Comment Tilda

Another Tilda adventure. This time made on a special order – Cat. I made some changes to the original pattern from the Crafting Tilda’s Friends book, and instead of cutting out two pieces for each arm and two pieces for the tail, I folded the fabric in a half making things more simple.Tilda CatTilda CatTilda CatTilda CatStuffing is the usual – the filling out of the old cushion. Apart from the fact that it works perfectly, it is washable, environmental friendly (in home recycle) and it is easy on your wallet.Tilda CatHis whiskers are made of grey fishing line like thread.Tilda CatConsidering that it was my first cat ever, I have to say that I like him a lot. Must be the beginner’s luck. Oh…and the most important is that the flowers he holds were made by my Mum.Tilda Cat
And that is how you make Tilda Cat toy!.

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