On April 27th 2010, I planted out:

  • Big Boy
  • Gardener’s Delight
  • Tumbler (in the hanging basket)

and after previous cold, wet and windy summer I hope for better results this year.

So far, so good. The weather is good and growing bags – Organic Instant Tomato Planters (first time experiment) work just fine.

Here is the documentation of the growing progress:

Tomato diary 04-06-2010
Tomato diary20-06-2010
Tomato diary26-06-2010Tomato diary17-07-2010
Hanging basket Tumbler tomato explosion…Tomato diaryTomato diary…and much more modest Gardener’s delightTomato diaryTomato diary28-08-2010
Hanging basket tomato
Hanging basket tomatoHanging basket tomatoGardener’s DelightGardener's DelightGardener's DelightMy tomatoes cropHome grown tomato crop…and not only tomatoesHome grown cucumbers


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